This half term the children in the 3-4 year old class have been looking at 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' story. We have been exploring the story by reading the book in a traditional way as well as recalling it from memory, acting the story out with the children, sharing the story using props and…

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Farm Trip

Image of Farm Trip

Our nursery leavers had a great time at St Leonard's Farm yesterday, a balance of fun, education and hands on learning that provided them with an engaging and memorable experience.

They had the opportunity to get up close to lots of different animals such as chickens and donkeys…

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Fruit Kebabs!

Image of Fruit Kebabs!

As it's World Chocolate Day on Sunday we have been busy making yummy fruit kebabs dipped in a little chocolate here at nursery. A group of our children helped chop up the strawberries and grapes before making fruit sequences on each skewer. Patterning skills develop as young children have…

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Mud, Glorious Mud!

Image of Mud, Glorious Mud!

Today we celebrated International Mud Day!

Our children came kitted out in old clothes and wellies ready to join in lots of messy play here at Lilycroft Nursery. 

Our nursery staff encouraged children to shake off modern restrictions, changing “don’t get dirty” to a much more positive “get…

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A special visitor!

Image of A special visitor!

Our children have been getting plenty of fresh air and exercise today as they played out in the sun with their friends. We also had a special visitor! 'Big' the tortoise came to visit our nursery! All the children took real interest in 'Big' and learned to treat him with care, as they watched him…

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Making Patterns

Image of Making Patterns

Our nursery children have been exploring patterns this week with this creative, hands-on activity. They each chose pebbles and shells, that interested them, and placed them onto the frames to make a work of art through patterns. Patterns can be found all around us, whether in a work of art, in a…

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Fruit Salad

Image of Fruit Salad

Today at nursery the children have all helped chop up lots of delicious fruit to make a yummy fruit salad. They enjoyed learning and tasting new fruits such as avocado pears. Helping to prepare a fruit salad together is a great way to get children interested in the food they eat.  Fruits and…

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Encouraging a Love for Art

Image of Encouraging a Love for Art

We have been having lots of messy fun at nursery this week with our paint stampers, making lots of caterpillar pictures to decorate our classrooms with. By gripping the little stampers our children have been developing their fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination. Our children feel a…

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Den Building

Image of Den Building

Our Nursery children have been taking part in 30 Days Wild this month, joining in with lots of random acts of wildness. This week we have been exploring the great outdoors, working together, Den Building!

Being outdoors offers many stimulating play opportunities. Soil and leaves, sticks and…

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The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Image of The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

We have caterpillars!

Our Nursery children have been discovering the miracle of metamorphosis this week as they carefully observe the tiny caterpillars in vials,  before the caterpillars undergo an amazing transformation into Painted Lady Butterflies. This is an amazing learning opportunity for…

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Bringing Stories to Life

Image of Bringing Stories to Life

This week in nursery we have been bringing stories to life by reading a story together and then taking part in a fun activity planned by our nursery staff. Developing comprehension and language skills is key to good Literacy skills, which are best fostered through listening to stories and…

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Baking Day!

Image of Baking Day!

Every week in nursery we have a lovely volunteer who comes in to bake with the children. Today they made victoria sponge cake! The children helped with adding the ingredients to the bowl and mixing it all together. Baking together helps children develop fine motor skills, eye hand…

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