Here are some of our glowing parent reviews of Lilycroft Nursery School:


'Lilycroft Nursery has been involved with both my children's education, my daughter started at the age of 2. Throughout the time at the nursery both my children have received a great service in a very caring and friendly environment. Personally, I have been able to access other support services and have then been able to attend workshops for children.' 


'Lilycroft has helped my child become more confident and he has learnt how to play with others. He has also learnt more vocabulary. The staff are very friendly and approachable if I ever need to discuss any issues or worries. Overall, a lovely environment with excellent facilities and outstanding staff.'


'My child has made a lot of progress socially - she is really confident and happy to play with other children and adults. Nursery has supported my child since she was a toddler in developing key skills such as toilet training, self-regulation and independence. Lilycroft Nursery also provides wrap-around care which has enabled me to continue to work full-time.'


'Lilycroft nursery helps with the child's development and helps increase their knowledge and prepares children for primary school. It also allows children to be more independent.'


'Lilycroft Nursery has played a big role for my children, helping them to become independent and move away from family environment. The nursery provides lots of activities/toys which are not always available at home.'


'Have had a great experience, lovely staff, great atmosphere in the Nursery. Would recommend to other parents, child is happy and stable. Staff are very helpful and willing to help. Great place to be, outstanding!'


'It has helped my child build confidence in new environments and build relationships with children and staff. My child is learning them at home with me, siblings and family.'


'My child has learnt a lot form attending Lilycroft Nursery. She enjoys coming to nursery and listening to stories.'


'Lilycroft Nursery has helped my family in every which way it could move so because we are a working family and my son has learnt a lot with attending the nursery and settled down.'


'Since my child started to go to Lilycroft Nursery, we have noticed quick improvement in various aspects, notably his communication. he has learnt so many words and clearly say most of them. He can use up to 3 words in sentence. He likes the activities he is doing in the nursery such as painting, sliding and using books, as he would often mention them.'


Parent Reviews

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