Food is very important to us at Lilycroft Nursery School for children from two to five.

We provide tasty, healthy meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Tea) for the children. We cater for all dietary requirements including Halal and Vegetarian – please let us know about any allergies or special dietary needs and we will ensure that we do everything we can to provide for your child.

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Children eat together at mealtimes supported and encouraged by staff who know them well and ensure the atmosphere is welcoming and calm. Conversation is important just as it is at home and we encourage the children to chat to each other and to us about subjects that interest them.

We believe that children need to have ownership of what they eat and we involve them in lots of ways to support their independence and choices and encourage them to eat a varied, balanced diet.

As well as Breakfast, Lunch and Tea for children who are here for a longer day, we also provide milk (or water) alongside a healthy snack every session – mornings and afternoons. Children help with the shopping and preparation of their snack and as they get older are enabled to access the area independently and help themselves to food and a drink. We ask for a voluntary contribution of £1 per week from non fee paying families towards the cost.

We prepare and bake food with the children each week and also grow a variety of fruit, vegetables and herbs in our lovely gardens so that the children can experience first-hand how their food gets to their plates.

We appreciate that ensuring your children eat a nutritious balanced diet is not always easy! However, we all know how important it is if we want them to grow and be healthy. Try the links above for some support and inspiration about food for young children.