Play is an important part of speech development. Each day, at Lilycroft Nursery, children are given the opportunity to play and interact with one another and staff, which in turn develops their social skills.

Today children have been taking part in roleplay, making patterns and forming friendships through cooperative play. They have been practising their language skills and building on their vocabulary as they play along with other children, learning from one another. 

Our Nursery children have been using the many different props and objects our Nursery provides, to create their own scenarios which combine multiple roles and themes. During Roleplay language will often increase as children take on different roles and pretend to be someone else whilst utilising their language skills.

Another great way to develop language skills is outdoor play and the children here at Lilycroft Nursery are encouraged to explore the nursery garden, helping sow seeds and water the flowers. As they explore and discover using their investigative skills, they have been interacting with each other and staff, asking questions and exploring using their senses along the way.