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Treasure Hunt




  1. Getting the first clue will be a joy. Look in the place where you would keep your toys.
  2. If you want to find more clues look on the place where you put your shoes.
  3. The next clue is easily seen if you look in the place where you go to get clean.
  4. While you are up and walking around, look under the place where you go to lie down.
  5. Look in the place where we keep the food cold.
  6. Go and look next to mummy’s/daddy’s shoes.
  7. Look on the windowsill in the room where you sleep.
  8. Behind the door is the next place to look.
  9. You might find something between the pages of a book.
  10. The final treasure is a treat. Go look under the place where you eat.


Top Tips

Have 10 small similar items to find. For example 10 penny’s, 10 leaves, 10 small stones 

Hide a small item in each place.

Show your child what it is they are looking for.

Remember where you have hidden the objects; making a list is a good idea.

Make sure the objects/items are spread out to make the challenge last longer.

Number 10 last clue hide a small treat for them to find.

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