#7 Making Music

Children love to make different sounds using a variety of resources to see what makes a loud sound and what makes a quiet sound.

Here is what you may need;

  • Water bottles
  • Leaves/stones/pebbles/conkers
  • Small lids/hair clips/bobbles
  • Cardboard/lego pieces
  • Scissors
  • Sellotape

Older children can add items to their water bottles with stones, pebbles, lego pieces and cut cardboard into pieces using scissors but younger children will need an adult to supervise them and help them use the scissors.

When the children have added the resources, ask them if their bottles make a quiet sound or a loud sound.

An adult can sellotape the water bottle for the younger children so it is secure and they don’t put the small items in their mouths. The children can also paint their bottles to add their own design.

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