Science Day!

Today we have all been scientists, carrying out real experiments! 

We have helped to make volcanoes by mixing bicarbonate of soda with food colouring and vinegar. The chemical reaction caused coloured foam to bubble up and come out of the top of the volcano and down the sides. 

Children also mixed milk with food colouring and washing up liquid, this caused the colours to swirl and mix. The proteins (fats) in the milk reacted with the soap causing it to move away in the same way as it does when we wash greasy dishes. However, the result was colourful, really interesting and fun to do. 

Children made glasses with coloured cellophane lenses, they were able to see everything in a different colour. 

Children watched the ice melt and retrieved the glitter buried inside. 

Parents were invited to the Science Day event. Many mums and dads came and helped join in with the experiments and the fun.