Visits & Visitors

Real life, hands on experiences are the key to successful learning and at Lilycroft Nursery School for children from two to five providing these experiences for our children and their families is key to our curriculum. We hope to inspire and enthuse everyone – children, parents and staff alike and encourage them to talk about their experiences and what they have learnt together.

We hope to take children out of Nursery as often as we can, to local parks, shops, libraries, theatres and further afield to farms, woods, beaches and other exciting places! We will take parents and carers too and aim to broaden horizons and show families some of the exciting things they can do with young children that will make learning real and memorable as well as lots of fun!

Another key part of learning at Lilycroft Nursey School for children from two to five are the people (and animals) that we invite to visit us on a regular basis. Children and families have enjoyed visits from Musicians and Artists, The Emergency Services and Birds and Animals galore! Here are some photos of the things we’ve been up to recently.